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Minggu, 02 April 2017

Shopping & Food Make Flights to Kuala Lumpur Hotter

  spamweb       Minggu, 02 April 2017
Kuala Lumpur, the commercial hub of Malaysia, is replete with stunning tourist attractions and delights. Apart from sightseeing, holiday makers to Kuala Lumpur are impressed with the vibrant amalgamation of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

  Shopping in Kuala Lumpur The shopping scene in Kuala Lumpur Paket Tour Malaysia rivals the very best in the world! Shopping is de rigueur in the city – an activity that has to be undertaken by everyone who has booked a seat on flights to Kuala Lumpur. Tourists who shop in Kuala Lumpur are promised variety, value and great convenience! The baffling product range available at the shopping establishments in Kuala Lumpur has the potential of catering to each and every kind of taste and budget. The shopping options in the city include chic shopping malls, department stores, shopping arcades and specialty stores. Additionally, people can try to satisfy their shopping itch at handicraft centres, duty-free shops and bazaars. And if one talks about products and goods that are most popular among tourists, it is the electrical products, apparel, sportswear and handicrafts that get tourists into a spending spree. Night markets or 'pasar malam' add distinctive chapter in your experience of shopping in Kuala Lumpur. These open-air markets start operating in the late afternoon and feature stalls that sell an array of local produce, foodstuff and clothing items. Tourists can also engage themselves in some good-natured haggling! Apart from shopping, tourists who visit such night markets can also enjoy performances by street artists and tour ke lombok

 Kuala Lumpur boasts of several major shopping precincts, such as Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail and Jalan Imbi. Other popular areas that tourists frequent for a shopping expedition are Petaling Street, Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Cheng Lock, Jalan Ampang, Jalan H.S. Lee and Bangsar. Kuala Lumpur hosts an annual sale, the Shopping Carnival in October/November, which is the best time for keen shoppers to book tickets to Kuala Lumpur and pick up some great deals on their preferred choice of products.

  Eating Out in Kuala Lumpur Food is another aspect of Kuala Lumpur that appeals to all travellers who land up here after getting their hands at air tickets to Kuala Lumpur. One can savour the wonderful blend of flavours and cooking styles that makes the food in Malaysia such a phenomenon all over the world. The unique mix of Malay, Chinese and Indian cuisine is indeed a treat for your taste buds! No wonder, millions grab tickets to Kuala Lumpur to indulge in the gourmet fusion cuisine that is created by chefs here.Kuala Lumpur is particularly renowned for its remarkable Indian cuisine restaurants. Some of them are Devi Annapurna, Madras New Woodlands, Flavour of India and Chilly Bombay.and you can see also Tebak Gambar

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